£40 million waste: the cost of the NHS Bill in Northants

I have obtained official figures that show the costs of implementing the controversial NHS Bill in Corby and across Northamptonshire will run into many millions.  The overall figure for Northamptonshire is put at £40 million.

This is a huge waste of money. Corby and East Northamptonshire has already seen an 18% increase in the number of patients waiting longer than 18 weeks for treatment since Cameron became Prime Minister. This situation will get worse if the Health Bill goes through. I would encourage Members of the public to write to the Prime Minister asking him to drop the Bill.

You can add your name to the growing Government e-petition to Drop the Bill – alongside those of other protestors such as Stephen Fry, Rio Ferdinand and Jamie Oliver:


It is scandalous for the Government to waste millions of pounds on a reckless and unwanted back-room reorganisation of the NHS whilst 3,500 nursing jobs have already been lost and 2,500 more are set to be cut. The Government should stop this reorganisation and instead spend the money protecting the 6,000 nurses, as we have committed to do. Before his plans are even fully through Parliament, David Cameron’s reorganisation is hitting the NHS hard and costs are now topping £3.45bn across the country for the first time. Spending this amount on an unnecessary reorganisation is totally unjustifiable when every single penny should be focused on maintaining standards of care.

Locally I have been campaigning with health service workers, Labour Party members and concerned members of the public against the Bill, including our town centre campaigns in Corby and Irthlingborough.   I also joined lots of people from Corby and East Northamptonshire at a Save our NHS rally in London last week.   In the video clip below from the rally, Jo Brand explains why as a former nurse she is campaigning to save the NHS


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