GP waiting times is key issue in Kingswood

On most Saturday’s I am out and about in the Corby and East Northamptonshire constituency. Over the weekend I was in the Kingswood area of Corby with local councillors and Labour’s campaign team. I enjoy knocking on doors and chatting to people, hearing the ideas and issues people raise and talking about Labour’s campaigns and policies. On Saturday 98 people pledged to vote Labour at the next election, including some who voted Tory last time but now regret it.

The issues people raised were very varied. They included: jobs and the economy; the impact of Tory cuts to child tax credits; the ‘Granny Tax’; Corby town centre improvements; immigration and foreign aid; local schools – with good feedback from parents about Kingswood’s schools; mental health; and local health services generally. Quite a few people specifically raised concerns about access to their GP. Many commented on how the wait to see your own Doctor is now two weeks, which is far too long. One couple told me that they had called the surgery for an urgent home appointment and were told that all the GPs were on a training course, so they called Nene Doc but they couldn’t send a Doctor out. In the end, in desperation, they called 999 for help. First a paramedic arrived, then they said they would need to call an Ambulance and admit the person to hospital. A visit by a Doctor earlier in the day would have been much more preferable for the patient and of course much more cost efficient for the health service, than sending out two vehicles, four staff, and making a hospital admission.

I’ve got a meeting planned with Corby Healthcare I will be interested to hear about how they think the system is working and what their view is about some of the case studies that I am picking up out on the doorsteps. My concern is that this situation is going to get worse, not better, because of the Tory health policies. Please do let me know about your experiences by email to


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