Aquascutum job losses

I am very sad and disappointed to hear today’s announcement from Aquascutum – sad because 115 people in Corby are losing their jobs, and disappointed because the Administrators haven’t given the factory and its workforce a chance to be part of Aquascutum’s future.

Just a few days ago the Administrators said there is world wide interest in buying Aquascutum, so the question I am asking them is why have they so hastily closed the factory?  I can only guess that the bean counters think that all the value is in the brand name, but brands are also about the people behind them, including the Corby workforce.

Aquascutum has been based in the area for a long time and people here are proud of the connection, including all those people like my own Mum who have worked there. In recent years more and more jobs at the firm have gone abroad because of cost cutting, but this hasn’t done the firm any good. Other similar clothing chains, such as Burberry, have gone from strength to strength in comparison.

What I now want to see is that the workforce are given a decent redundancy package and that there is help to find a new job. I’ve been in touch with the GMB about this and also spoken to Corby Council Leader Tom Beattie about what help can be offered. The Labour Council are working to bring new jobs to the town, such as the 400 jobs coming at Tesco’s, but the government should be doing more.   I want the Government to make Corby an Enterprise Zone and for them to change course with their economic policies and start investing in getting the economy moving so that jobs are created.


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