The future of libraries in Corby and East Northamptonshire

Libraries should be at the heart of our communities.

In Corby, the library is now housed inside the Cube.  By putting it at the end of the high street, next to the new swimming pool and locating it in the same space as all main council services and the theatre, the library is seeing a huge and impressive increase of use.

This is something to celebrate. The more a library is used, the better value for money it is.

Other libraries in Northamptonshire are experimenting with other ideas to bring in more people. For example, some now have Library Shops, in which certain products, books or toys are sold – this is similar to the gift shops you find at museums.

Libraries are a resource for parents with young children, for school children without a place to work at home, for job seekers trying to gain new skills and employment, for elderly people living in isolation and for community groups to meet.

I, like many of MPs, hold my advice surgeries in local libraries.

In Raunds and Thrapston libraries I have met with local volunteers who helped people learn how to use a computer and pay their bills online.

I believe libraries must be given support as they bring in these new services and adapt to today’s modern way of life. Unfortunately, all we are seeing from this government is huge cuts, with little thought to how they will affect local people and the libraries we all wish to see remain.

Librarians are professionals. We must work with them – after all, they know the people who use their library better than anyone else.

Labour’s vision is to build on the opportunity of our libraries  – to keep them at the heart of our commnity, and of use to the needs of all local people.

We want every child and adult to have access to services which will help them to thrive, whether that’s learning to read, building a CV, studying a language, developing skills, or meeting new people and building a new online business.

The new report published by Labour which sets out our vision for our local librariescan be downloaded here.

What do you think about the libraries in Corby and East Northamptonshire. I want to hear your thoughts?

Please leave comments below or email me on Or you can tweet me at @AndySawfordMP


One Comment on “The future of libraries in Corby and East Northamptonshire”

  1. beautifullycomplex says:

    Maybe I’m just a moany old fool, but I wanted to show my future children the wonder of snuggling in a corner of a library, picking up a book and entering a magical world. Can’t do that in what is essentially a corridor. So disappointed. So much space in the cube going to waste and the library only gets a tiny corner.

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