Visit to Little Stanion

Andy Sawford little staniono

On Friday, 1st March, I visited Little Stanion to meet local residents, as well as representatives from Corby Home Start, Exeter Children’s Centre and Helen Williams (head of Little Stanion Primary School). We walked around the new estate – and along the main connecting road – to look at some of the issues that face those living on a partially-complete development.

I was especially struck by the problems of isolation for those without access to private transport and I have written to Centrebus to ask them about their plans for increasing the service, as the local population rises.

It was clear to me that families with children where suffering particularly from the absence of open spaces and parks for play and recreation. I understand that, whilst these are planned, there are delays in creating them because of the slow-down in the rate at which houses on the estate are being built and occupied and, therefore, a delay in reaching the point at which the developer becomes obliged to provide them. I am in contact with the Borough Council concerning any actions that can be taken to speed up the provision of play areas without necessarily waiting for this formal trigger point to be reached.


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