Bus service cuts in Corby

As the Corby Telegraph reports, I have raised my concerns about cuts to local bus services.

Many local bus routes are being cut in some way, whether that is by a reduction in services or withdrawal of services altogether.

Stagecoach tell me that they have had a £250,000 cut from the County Council and can no longer subsidise any bus routes.

This is terrible news for many local people who rely on buses to get to work or to access services.

Local residents have already been in touch to tell me there is a Facebook Group for those campaigning to stop the cuts and I have offered my support.

I will be seeking urgent meetings with Stagecoach and with the County Council to ask for an urgent re-think. I have also written to the  Transport Minister to highlight the importance of local bus services and seek reassurances.


One Comment on “Bus service cuts in Corby”

  1. Lorne Woolsey says:

    Also from 24th March Stagecoach are cutting two more evening services from Rushden to Raunds the last bus will now be Leaving Rushden at 7:05. Since May 2011 Raunds has lost its entire Sunday service and now nearly its evening service, we used to have buses running till 11 o clock at night. Raunds has a population of 9 to 10 thousand we should have a decent bus service we pay more council tax than anywhere else in Corby and East Northants. Alot of people work outside Raunds and use the bus to get there and back and not many people work 9 to 5 Monday to Friday these days

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