East Midlands Ambulance Service

The Northamptonshire Telegraph reports on the plans by East Midlands Ambulance Service to cut back to having only one “fully equipped ambulance station in North Northamptonshire”

If these proposals are approved, Corby will be left covered by only a “community ambulance station”. In reality this could be little more than a lay-by which the ambulance parks in.

I recently met with the Chief Executive of EMAS and strongly argued against these plans.

I believe the review has been handled badly and there has been poor public consultation.

Corby has the fastest growing population in the region, the highest birth-rate, and particular health needs, such as a high rate of chronic heart disease

These new proposals are being voted on by the EMAS board on Monday 25th March. It is not too late to contact the EMAS Board and tell them why you believe Corby should keep its ambulance station.

I don’t believe cutting back Corby’s ambulance station is good for the town and the health of local people. If you don’t either please contact EMAS and tell them how you feel.


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