Get involved in #AskAndySawford


One of my 6 pledges is to listen to local people all year round.

I spend as much time as possible out and about in the constituency meeting and talking with people, I also hold regular surgeries.

I am keen to find new ways of keeping in touch with local people and I am looking forward to my first online question and answer session, hosted by the Northamptonshire Telegraph.

The session will take place 4.30 – 6.30pm on Thursday 6th June.

I already have great interactions with constituents on-line by email and twitter and I use people’s comments and feedback regularly to guide what I do as their local MP. It’s great and I encourage more people to message me at @AndySawfordMP or email

I hope to see lots of people take part in the #AskAndySawford session and I’m excited to see what questions you ask.

To get involved, please either visit the Northamptonshire Telegraph website, or send me questions direct on twitter using the #AskAndySawford hashtag.

I would be very happy to hear views and answer questions about specific local issues where you think I might be able to help, and about the big issues facing the country, particularly the state of our economy and the future of health services.

You can read more about #AskAndySawford on the Northamptonshire Telegraph website.


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