Campaigning against rising cost of rail fares

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This morning I am joining local campaigners and Lilian Greenwood, Labour MP for Nottingham South and Shadow Rail Minister, at Corby rail station to highlight the rising cost of rail fares and the Government’s failure to protect commuters from inflation busting rises.

The cost of a off-peak return ticket from Corby to London rose to £46.50 last week, and increase of 4.5% which is much higher than the national average.  The cost of a season ticket to London is now £7,400.

Labour opened the railway station at Corby and lots of people use it but it is becoming more and more expensive. I have also been contacted by local people about the costly car park fees.

Rail fares have risen 20% under this Government. David Cameron is doing nothing to tackle the cost-of-living crisis and has delivered three years of inflation busting fare rises. Labour wants to put passengers first by enforcing a strict cap on rail fares and we would give commuters a clear legal right to the cheapest ticket.It is also completely unacceptable that passengers have had to wait until two days before Christmas to find out how much their season tickets will cost in the New Year.  People need timely information so that they can budget effectively.

I will be raising these issues with the Government.


4 Comments on “Campaigning against rising cost of rail fares”

  1. Daniel shaw says:

    Hi Andy,

    While we all think the rises in rail ticket prices is unfair I can’t see much happening in the short term. One thing that I thinks needs addressing Immediately is that these fare rises have come with an added insult in corby

    I have just noticed that the last train from St pancreas to Corby has not only been moved forward to 21:28 from its previous 22:00 departure time, but also that the 21:28 is now a 2 hour journey with a 50 minute wait at Kettering.

    I work in the city and often I rush to get the 22:00 train home due to work commitments and I know I am not alone. The 22:00 still leaves St pancreas but now ends at Kettering.

    Is there any pressure that can be added to East midland rail as corby is trying to encourage people to commute to London and a 9 minuet shuttle to Corby to allow city workers to get home should not be too much to ask when we pay over £8000 for a season ticket.

    Thanks for your time


  2. Darryl says:

    Wow, I was wondering why the around Christmas period.

    I too have to catch the 10:00pm train on the odd occasion but had to catch a 10:30 train northbound and get off at Kettering then pay £35 for a taxi home to Corby.

    This is on top of the £8000 for the season ticket I pay annually. Rather miffed to be honest. Also since the buses have stopped at this time too.

    We need this service reinstated please!

    I look forward to your feedback.

    Many thanks


  3. Darryl says:

    First line should be:

    “Wow, I was wondering why this was the case around the Christmas period.”

  4. Peter Dowsett says:

    I think a more fundamental question is why are ticket prices currently so high from Corby? I travel to Huntington station where a ticket to London can be half the price. I think Corby has a raw deal.

    London standard single before the rises
    Corby £45.50
    Long Buckby £26.20
    Peterborough £16.10
    Huntington £15.50
    St Neots £14.30

    I think the ticket price should always be cheaper than the cost of fuel for a car so about 25p per mile or about £20 to London.

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