Cross-party approach to A45 improvements

Andy Sawford, Steve North and Robert Goodwill

Dualling the A45 is a high priority in the East Northamptonshire area. This will support the economy and improve journey times for local residents. I know there is often congestion in this area and the high lorry usage means that journeys are often slow and can be dangerous when people overtake along this narrow stretch of road.

This week Cllr Steven North, the conservative leader of East Northamptonshire District Council, and I met the Minister for Transport and told him that that now is the time to invest in the A45. We highlighted that the impact of local growth, such as new distribution companies, new housing and potential new retail at Rushden Lakes, will mean more people using this road and this is why dualling is even more critical.

The road, which is dualled from Northampton to Stanwick, carries a high volume of traffic but congestion is frequently caused on the single carriageway stretch between Stanwick and the A14 at Thrapston.

The Department for Transport told me they were investigating accidents on the roads following 6 recent serious incidents. The Minister promised to look further at our plans and raise them with the Highways Agency who are currently reviewing the business case for road improvement schemes in the county.

Cllr North and I agreed to take up the matter at a county level with the Northamptonshire Enterprise Partnership, which has a role in determining priorities for local road improvement.

I’m pleased that Cllr North and I are working together in a cross-party effort to make sure the government and the Highways Agency know how important this is to our area.


2 Comments on “Cross-party approach to A45 improvements”

  1. Peter Morrell says:

    And not just the A45 between Stanwick and Thrapston – although that would be good news – but between Thrapston and the A1 as well, although I asppreciate that only part of that lies within your constituency.

  2. Mrs Anne Rowland says:

    Hi Andy thats another reason why I objected to the quarry at Ringstead they are going to have 180 movements of lorries going at 40mph daily starting at 6 o’clock in the morning along the A45 5 1/2 days a week. I have been traveling to Milton Keynes at 6.45 in the morning and hitting the traffic on this bit of road and on the A509 it is already horrendous. But Northampton Council do not seem to care about East Northamptonshire all the seem to care about is how they can make Northampton more profitable.

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