Supporting children with autism

This week I was joined in Parliament by local parents Lucie Middleton and Jan Mears and together we attended the launch of a report about the number of children with autism being wrongly excluded from school. I was pleases to sign the Ambitious about Autism pledge to work to improve education for young people with autism. Lucie and Jan are leading the Green Horizons project locally which aims to provide their children with a safe place where they can develop their agricultural skills and have a nurturing, therapeutic environment in which they can also develop their social skills.



3 Comments on “Supporting children with autism”

  1. chris storey says:

    Well done Mr Sawford you are working very hard in our community in and around Corby Town. Theres going to be so many people who are going to appreciate your involvement supporting local people with Autism. I myself at 33 years old was only just assessed and proven to have Aspergers Syndrome two years ago, this is diagnostic as making significant positive changes to my life and allowing me to be widely accepted into public life around society.
    Thank you Andy.

  2. Annette Driver says:

    Thank you for supporting children with Autism, the provision for anyone generally with Autism is appalling. I have two adult sons with Autism and have had little or no support for them other than the initial diagnosis. A sad state of affairs indeed.

  3. donna says:

    Thank you for supporting children with autism without people like you i dont no where my son would be

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