Local NHS Campaign survey

18 months ago accident and emergency services and in-hospital services for children at the hospital serving Corby and East Northamptonshire were under serious threat of closure. I promised to do everything I could to stop local health cuts.  That’s why I put politics aside and formed a cross party campaign with the MPs for Kettering and Wellingborough.  We have worked together to ‘Save and Improve Kettering General Hospital’ and we have put a stop to the plans to downgrade A&E, maternity and children’s services. Now we are moving onto the next stage of our campaign. The population is growing locally and some of our NHS services and buildings have seen better days.  I want our health services to be the best in the country and there is a lot of work to do.   Our cross party campaign is pressing for:

  • Extra money to help deal with the current capacity crisis in A&E
  • New Urgent Care Centres
  • Better access to GP services

To put pressure on the Government we need to show that we are backed by our constituents. I would be most grateful if you could fill in the survey below.


8 Comments on “Local NHS Campaign survey”

  1. Peter Crosby says:

    My biggest concern regarding Kettering Hospital is the cost of parking, it is the most expensive parking in the whole of Kettering. I see no justification for this as it is not near the town centre or any major businesses that might want to utilise the hospital parking. It is simply a con.
    If, like me, you have sometimes to attend three (yes 3) times a week for treatment it becomes a huge tax on my health.
    It’s not even that difficult an issue to resolve.
    Just send every patient a parking pass with their appointment, job done.

    • Mike fairclough says:

      Mike Fairclough
      I don,t think that it is only Kettering hospital with high parking charges Peterborough District has a minimum of £2.50. I take a pensioner regularly (35 times over the last 3 years.) It is becoming expensive to be ill. My friend is 84 and paid taxes and insurance all his life and continues to do so.

  2. Roger Knight says:

    I think Peter Crosby has made a very valid point, this idea of a pass. Maybe printed into the appointment letter ?

  3. Doug Baker says:

    I think all current Pensioners should not have to pay parking at Hospitals. They have paid National Insurance and Taxes all their lives and it should be ‘free’ the same as bus travel. The life span generally means it is only for a short period of ‘life’ time’.

  4. Chris Gallagher says:

    Forgetting the silly parking nonsense except that it does put a strain on you if you are delayed by treatment so that you need to pay the even higher amount.

    My anger is at the stupidity of once again having growing populations without providing the infrastructure. Forget the argument about immigration except for the fact that it is only harmless to those currently incumbent if infrastructure grows in advance to compensate.

    Many conflicts are in essence about resources and who has to share them and who with..

  5. Peter Crosby says:

    Chris Gallagher: Eh?

    • Chris Gallagher says:

      I.did not say you were silly. Just that it is silly to have to pay.
      And that it is a distraction from the possible loss of NHS services

  6. […] you to everyone who responded to my recent survey on local NHS services. I really appreciate it that you took the time to let me know what you […]

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