Repealing the Gagging Law


Over 300 constituents have written to me with their concerns about the impact the Gagging Law will have on charities and civil society. On Friday I was pleased to write to all these constituents to tell them that the Labour Party has announced we we will repeal the Act should we win the next election.

This all came about because David Cameron and Nick Clegg made a deal – they wanted to protect vested interests lobbying at the heart of government, and they wanted to stop charities and campaigners holding them to account for their broken promises. Labour won’t let them get away with it.

We will repeal this illiberal law, and we will instead legislate for the real reform our politics needs. In the legislation to repeal the Act, we will introduce a universal register of all professional lobbyists backed by a code of conduct and sanctions. We will also consult with charities and campaigners about the reform we need to both ensure transparency in our elections and protect freedom of speech.

I hope that in 2015 we will be able to get this bad law off the statute book and build the political reform our country needs.


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