Get moving on Geddington Road bridge

Geddington Road photo

I have joined forces with County Councillor, Julie Brookfield, in a renewed call for vehicle restrictions on Geddington Road to be lifted.  This follows the news that Northamptonshire County Council have applied to extend the restrictions for a further period, despite having claimed in recent months that the problem would be fixed.  

I have been pressing for the Council to reach an agreement with Tata Steel about a way forward.  In response to a letter to Paul Blantern, the Chief Executive of the Council, I was told in April 2013 that it was hoping for a positive response from Tata by the end of May 2013.  Despite this the restrictions are still in place and there is no sign of work starting.

It is 1180 days since the restrictions were put in place. This is very inconvenient for local residents and businesses, adding time and cost to people’s journeys. I have spoken in Parliament about the economic impact of having one of the main routes into town restricted.  People have been very patient but news that the Council have applied to extend the restrictions is very disappointing.  With the new link road due to open it really is time to sort this out and get the road open.

Cllr Julie Brookfield said “It is simply unacceptable that this problem has not been addressed during this time. This road is important to the people of Corby and plenty of them have told me how the restrictions have affected their ability to travel to and from work. The Council must act now to sort it out.”


One Comment on “Get moving on Geddington Road bridge”

  1. […] is a vital road link for Corby and a gateway to the town and I have campaigned strongly for the repairs to be carried out so that the road can be fully re-opened to all […]

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