Policing in Corby & East Northants survey

police survey

Corby has become much safer over the past decade and crime has fallen. Just lately, however, there has been a worrying number of violent crimes.

I believe that our local police and PCSOs are doing their best with the resources they have. Nevertheless, many residents have expressed concerns to me about police presence, response times and related issues such as poor streetlighting and the need for CCTV in some areas.

One of the biggest concerns that I have is about the future of Corby Police Station. The Northants PPC has said that it is outdated and that he plans to close it. The wind-down has already started. For example, the police have been told recently to take suspected criminals to Northampton to be charged and detained, instead of using Corby. This is a waste of valuable police time and takes police away from the town.

If Corby police station is closed, then this will only get worse.

I strongly believe that Corby needs an operational police station and I am determined to fight for this.

I would like to know if you agree with my campaign to retain an operational police station in Corby and also to hear your feedback about other policing and community safety issues. Please would you fill in the survey below, or click here to open it in a new window.


6 Comments on “Policing in Corby & East Northants survey”

  1. Caroline Cross says:

    Keep Corby Police Station open! Ridiculous to shut down a perfectly operational building that provides a vital service to the community. Wellingborough Prison springs to mind…

  2. Sue Clews says:

    Hi Andy,
    I was interested to read your views on policing in our area. My son ‘passed out’ as a special constable earlier this year. There were about 40 people in his cohort – most of whom I expect, are giving their time to help to ensure we live in a safe county.
    My son is thoroughly enjoying the work he does and aspires to be a regular. He can be on dutyu anywhere between Oundle and Wellingborough – quite an area to cover.
    He’s working hard to become an independent SPC so he will have more responsibilty. We are very proud of him. BUT – I’m outraged that our police force needs to be ‘sured up’ by volunteers! It’s about time Cameron faced up to the fact that there are some parts of the Nation’s services (an security) should not be part of his ‘Big Society’ and people such as my son should be rewarded for the voluntary work they do!
    Sorry for the ‘rant’!!!
    Sue Clews

  3. Mace says:

    I agree with the comments of Sue Clews. I do however think that we will ultimately lose corby police station and need to future proof policing in corby. The current station needs a whole lot of money thrown at it to bring it into the 20th century. Money which isn’t available. It leaks, uses and loses a whole lot energy and is shoddy. I can say that because I work there’!

    • Caz says:

      We seem to be able to raise money for all sorts of campaigns, charities and good causes in Corby. Why don’t the Police organise something to raise funds to save/improve the police station? Surely people would give their support rather than lose the police presence? I would hope that even the criminal element aren’t too stupid see the sense in that!

  4. Catherine Mason says:

    I wonder why nobody thought of providing a new modern equipped police station through the regeneration scheme. This growing town NEEDS a police station! We pay our council tax and expect to get a high level of policing to keep our communities safe. High time the government stopped this culture of volunteering jobs to save them money whilst they allow the already highly paid, bonus receiving and high expenses claiming members of our society grab and b handed loads of money for doing less than volunteers do. CM

  5. Ronald Phillips Aston says:

    I think the service in Corby is very good . I do not use the rural service but people I know who have used it have told me that it’s got so bad over the years and they do not use it anymore. To be fair to the operator I think the people who live in rural community’s do not use the buses in much the same way they didn’t support the village shops and post offices and they have all but disappeared.

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