What do you think about bus services across Corby and East Northamptonshire?


I have secured a 90 minute debate in Parliament on Tuesday 17th June on Bus Services. I will be highlighting issues across Corby and East Northamptonshire, such as Northamptonshire County Council cutting subsidies for bus services more than any other council in the country and the impact this has had on local residents.

Please fill in the short survey below and let me know what you think about local bus services.




One Comment on “What do you think about bus services across Corby and East Northamptonshire?”

  1. Neil Wise says:

    I feel I need to speak up for the people of Weldon with regard to our bus services. Stagecoach provide one bus service through our village, the X4 service. It is an hourly service during the day on Mondays to Saturdays between Peterborough and Milton Keynes. The Sunday service is scarce. There are problems with this service. Firstly a passenger from our village cannot get directly to ASDA and the Phoenix Parkway. Secondly there is no chance of realistically commuting to Northampton to work or study as the first bus out of Weldon is the 08.10 service. It takes up to 90 minutes to get to Northampton Town Centre. I would guess Wellingborough would be a problem too. Lastly a passenger using the X4 has to purchase a Star Rider ticket to travel between Weldon and Corby. Although this ticket does provide unlimited travel it does not however provide us with the frequency of service enjoyed by Corby passengers. As we are aware Weldon has grown considerably over the last decade, together with the advantages and disadvantages expansion brings. And despite a significant growth in population Stage Coach provides the same bus service in essence. I do not think this is good enough.

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