Rail fares to rise again

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It has been announced that regulated rail fares will increase by 3.5% in 2015.

This rise could add another £259 to a Corby to London season ticket. David Cameron has already allowed train companies to sting passengers with inflation-busting fare rises of over 20%, so these further increases are another blow to working people in Corby and East Northamptonshire.

We can’t go on like this. A Labour government will cap annual fares on every route and enact the biggest railway reforms since privatisation, delivering a better deal for passengers and taxpayers.

I am also campaigning for service improvements and cheaper car park prices at Corby station.


What do you think about bus services across Corby and East Northamptonshire?


I have secured a 90 minute debate in Parliament on Tuesday 17th June on Bus Services. I will be highlighting issues across Corby and East Northamptonshire, such as Northamptonshire County Council cutting subsidies for bus services more than any other council in the country and the impact this has had on local residents.

Please fill in the short survey below and let me know what you think about local bus services.



Statement on Geddington Road Bridge

For over three years businesses and residents have been counting the costs of the road restrictions on Geddington Road.

This is a vital road link for Corby and a gateway to the town and I have campaigned strongly for the repairs to be carried out so that the road can be fully re-opened to all traffic.

It is good to hear the County Council say today that work will start in the Summer but we’ve heard these promises before and I intend to keep the pressure up.

Our campaign will go on until the day the restrictions end. I will also press the County Council to resurface the road because the condition is very poor.


Get moving on Geddington Road bridge

Geddington Road photo

I have joined forces with County Councillor, Julie Brookfield, in a renewed call for vehicle restrictions on Geddington Road to be lifted.  This follows the news that Northamptonshire County Council have applied to extend the restrictions for a further period, despite having claimed in recent months that the problem would be fixed.   Read the rest of this entry »

Cross-party approach to A45 improvements

Andy Sawford, Steve North and Robert Goodwill

Dualling the A45 is a high priority in the East Northamptonshire area. This will support the economy and improve journey times for local residents. I know there is often congestion in this area and the high lorry usage means that journeys are often slow and can be dangerous when people overtake along this narrow stretch of road.

This week Cllr Steven North, the conservative leader of East Northamptonshire District Council, and I met the Minister for Transport and told him that that now is the time to invest in the A45. We highlighted that the impact of local growth, such as new distribution companies, new housing and potential new retail at Rushden Lakes, will mean more people using this road and this is why dualling is even more critical.

The road, which is dualled from Northampton to Stanwick, carries a high volume of traffic but congestion is frequently caused on the single carriageway stretch between Stanwick and the A14 at Thrapston.

The Department for Transport told me they were investigating accidents on the roads following 6 recent serious incidents. The Minister promised to look further at our plans and raise them with the Highways Agency who are currently reviewing the business case for road improvement schemes in the county.

Cllr North and I agreed to take up the matter at a county level with the Northamptonshire Enterprise Partnership, which has a role in determining priorities for local road improvement.

I’m pleased that Cllr North and I are working together in a cross-party effort to make sure the government and the Highways Agency know how important this is to our area.

Campaigning against rising cost of rail fares

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This morning I am joining local campaigners and Lilian Greenwood, Labour MP for Nottingham South and Shadow Rail Minister, at Corby rail station to highlight the rising cost of rail fares and the Government’s failure to protect commuters from inflation busting rises.

The cost of a off-peak return ticket from Corby to London rose to £46.50 last week, and increase of 4.5% which is much higher than the national average.  The cost of a season ticket to London is now £7,400.

Labour opened the railway station at Corby and lots of people use it but it is becoming more and more expensive. I have also been contacted by local people about the costly car park fees.

Rail fares have risen 20% under this Government. David Cameron is doing nothing to tackle the cost-of-living crisis and has delivered three years of inflation busting fare rises. Labour wants to put passengers first by enforcing a strict cap on rail fares and we would give commuters a clear legal right to the cheapest ticket.It is also completely unacceptable that passengers have had to wait until two days before Christmas to find out how much their season tickets will cost in the New Year.  People need timely information so that they can budget effectively.

I will be raising these issues with the Government.

Spending the day in Oundle

Andy in Oundle 5On Friday, 22nd March, I spent most of the day in Oundle, listening to the local issues that people wanted to raise with me and visiting a range of organisations and businesses. Read the rest of this entry »