Corby demands fair funding for healthcare

Today I spoke in Parliament to demand fair funding for healthcare in Corby, highlighting a recent report from the National Audit Office that says the town is the worst funded area of England for healthcare.

The report, which can be read here, shows that Corby receives £186 less per person per year than the allocation that NHS England says it needs. It is officially recognised by the NAO as the worst funded area of England for healthcare.

It is totally wrong that health services in Corby are being starved of funds. How can it be right that people in Chelsea or in Kensington in West London are allocated £694 per person extra a year for health funding? Corby Healthcare is doing a good job of managing with limited funds in some areas, such as the new Urgent Care Centre, but other services are having to be cut back.

The problem is even more acute than the National Audit Office suggests because the allocation decisions do not take account of population growth. Corby is a fast growing town with the highest birth rate in England.

I am calling on the government to fund Corby Healthcare at the target amount next year. We are not asking for a rebate for underfunding in previous years, although that would be welcome, but it is a basic question of fairness that Corby should be funded according to needs.

In the coming months I will be asking local people to join my campaign for fair health funding and together we will demand that the government listens and ends the injustice of filling the coffers of health commissioners in wealthy areas at the expense of Corby. Read the rest of this entry »


Local NHS Campaign survey

18 months ago accident and emergency services and in-hospital services for children at the hospital serving Corby and East Northamptonshire were under serious threat of closure. I promised to do everything I could to stop local health cuts.  That’s why I put politics aside and formed a cross party campaign with the MPs for Kettering and Wellingborough.  We have worked together to ‘Save and Improve Kettering General Hospital’ and we have put a stop to the plans to downgrade A&E, maternity and children’s services. Now we are moving onto the next stage of our campaign. The population is growing locally and some of our NHS services and buildings have seen better days.  I want our health services to be the best in the country and there is a lot of work to do.   Our cross party campaign is pressing for:

  • Extra money to help deal with the current capacity crisis in A&E
  • New Urgent Care Centres
  • Better access to GP services

To put pressure on the Government we need to show that we are backed by our constituents. I would be most grateful if you could fill in the survey below.